So it’s the first night and first side of Paramore streaming the new album which seems to be a very common thing these days. A lot of artists seem to be trying to both generate interest and give a sneak peek to their fans through various sites.

Paramore have been a bit different though, streaming the album through their website, giving a little intro and a visual for us to watch of the actual album playing as a vinyl record which is very retro and cool (I love vinyl).

So I’ve just heard the new songs for the very first time and  it was always obvious that this album was going to be different due to the changes that the group had gone through and I think in a way they might have grown up a little and taken a different approach not only to their music, but to life as well and I that really shows in what we have heard so far.  That said i’m not sure what to make of the album so far, when I first heard “Now” I wasn’t too keen on it, but respected their approach and change in style. However that said it has grown on me and I love the song now….my only problem is that when I listen to it it reminds me of so many other groups and songs rather than it being “Paramore”. Maybe it’s just their influence and the change to a different style and that I’m being very picky.

The new songs are good, but are they great. I’m still not sure and will definitely need to listen to Side A quite a few more times as I wait for the rest to be released. It hasn’t pulled me in and grabbed my attention straight away like some recent albums I’ve listened to, but on a positive note I’m looking forward to hearing more and getting to know each song better :) I’ll have to see how I feel after I’ve heard more!


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